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JLHT Announces new founder-patrons

The Jericho Living Heritage Trust is delighted to announce that Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse novels, and Philip Pullman, author of the His Dark Materials trilogy, have joined Sir Christopher and Lady Wendy Ball to become Patrons of the Trust.

Lady Wendy Ball has said: 'Jericho is a wonderful community with an important artistic and cultural heritage. As residents of Jericho we are both delighted to receive this generous invitation and look forward to working with the trust to protect the heritage of Jericho for the community and for future generations.'

Colin Dexter: 'When I wrote a novel about Jericho, I learned that potential plans had been afoot to "modernise" (i.e. vandalize) the whole area. Happily the wishes of the denizens, sanity, and aesthetic sensitivity prevailed; and I profoundly hope that they willl do so once more. The present hideous proposals should be dishonourably laid to rest in an appropriate recycling-box.'

Philip Pullman: 'The boatyard is going to vanish and it is not just the boatyard itself, it is the importance of the life of the canal that I am concerned with as well as the beautiful view that we have of the church and the trees that will grow. Unfortunately I do think it is symptomatic of how Oxford as a whole is changing. People like myself who have been here for 40 years will remember St Ebbe's as it used to be. It is now the concrete wasteland of the Westgate Centre. The Covered Market is changing, and Cornmarket is now a street like any other High Street in the country, so it is all the more important we protect little spots like this.'